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Skating Treadmill - A motorized state-of-the-art mechanism that:

  • Simualtes actual on ice movements
  • Improves stride length
  • Stride frequency and efficiency in a controlled environment
  • Improves your leg and core stability to be a better player come game time
  • Whether you are just learning to skate or are drafted to the NHL the treadmill is a great teaching tool for all ages.
  • A better environment to learn the proper skating stride, with the instructor at skate level we are able to assess the amount of blade being used during each stride.
  • There is no substitute for the attention to detail you will get from the treadmill compared a on ice lesson. Once you get the proper stride technic down on the treadmill you will see and feel the transition in your skating stride.
  • Saves you money on skating lessons. On ice skating lessons will take longer to see improvement then on the treadmill due to the fact the ice gives to the skater as they can get away with bad habits.  The treadmill challenges the skater to have proper edges and balance throughout both their stride and glide.

Shooting Lane Extension


  • Can learn to shoot properly as well as stick handle and pass
  • It is synthetic ice so they can wear their skates while they shoot or work on puck control
  • Players on the treadmill can shoot and pass off of the treadmill while skating
  • Is a huge key for all players to learn how to shoot while in stride


  • Train on the puck machine one on one with goalie instructor
  • Face up to 300 shots in 45 minutes in a controlled environment
  • Will help goalies of all ages get better at controlling your rebounds both high and low
  • Creates faster reflexes in both the legs as well as arms
  • Is like the driving range for goalies